History of the Genuine Girolle®

In 1982, Nicolas Croiviser, inventor of the Girolle® was seeking for a method to shape Tête de Moine cheese for his big family in a more efficient way.

After a first concept, mainly to verify the feasability of such an tool (photos 1 and 2), a pilot lot was manufactured (photos 3 and 4). The device was functionally ok, but somewhat complicated.

Premier prototype (1982) Premier prototype (1982) Premier prototype (1982) Premier prototype (1982)

The first prototype (1982)

Second prototype (1982)

The break through then came with the idea to pierce the center of the cheese and led to the present design of the Girolle®.

At that time, the entourage of Nicolas Crevoisier found the idea rather daring, but finally it proved to be the best solution, taking into account its efficiency and the simplicity of operation. The road was now open to promote the new product.

The first expectations of a few thousand devices to the maximum were quickly outperformed by the actual success. Until today, the Genuine Girolle® has been sold worldwide more than 2 million times to every place where Tête de Moine cheese is available.