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First prototypes (1982)

First prototypes (1982)

In 1982, the inventor of the Girolle® originale, Nicolas Crevoisier, was trying to find an efficient way of slicing the Tête de Moine cheese.

After an initial trial to test the feasibility of such a device (photo 1), it was further developed to a pre-series model considered functional but still somewhat complicated (photo 2).

A bold idea

A bold idea

Then came the idea that would give birth to the Girolle® which we know today : piercing the Tête de Moine in the middle.

At the time this was judged a bold solution by the entourage of Mr Crevoisier, but it proved to be the best in terms of efficiency as well as ease of use.

More than 3 million Girolles®

More than 3 million Girolles®

Commercialisation could thus begin. Expecting to sell only a few thousand at the most, its success very soon became apparent.

Today the Girolle® originale is exported all over the world, wherever the Tête de Moine AOP is to be found, and over three million have been sold to date.

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